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ABOUT Ambition

Introducing the weight section you actually want to be in.

Ambition Fitness specializes in taking the intimidation out of weights. Our 50-minute classes combine high-intensity resistance training, premium indoor cycling, and concert-level music for the workout you can't get enough of.

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The only studio to offer strength-focused workouts that include monthly programming and barbell work to build strength and burn fat.


Not your average spin class. We combine Coach by Color technology with beat-driven rides for performance metrics, endurance and power training.


Today's recovery determines tomorrow's performance. Maximize your fitness with infrared technology for muscle repair and so much more.

female fORWARD

Ambition is female founded and female operated. We understand and prioritize women's need for privacy and comfort using weights.

We've redesigned the weight section to welcome all fitness levels and abilities with a clean, modern aesthetic that elevates your gym experience.

Mission statement

Our mission is to help women be strong inside and out. We believe in inclusive, body-positive fitness. We believe nutrition should be understandable and attainable. We believe in the power of community and helping others. We believe in all of our ability and responsibility to make an impact for the better.

Katie Daniel, Owner and Founder

Reviews Anchor

"Hands down the best gym I've ever been to. The instructors are amazing, help you have perfect form and are so friendly. Such a welcoming and amazing place for women!"


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