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ABOUT Ambition

Introducing the weight section you actually want to be in.

Ambition Fitness takes the intimidation out of weights by specializing in strength training for women. Our 45-minute classes combine high-intensity resistance training, premium indoor cycling, and concert-level music for the workout you can't get enough of.

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OUR methods

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Learn how weights burn fat and build curves in all the right places. Never lifted? Don't worry, we'll teach you.


Not your average spin class. We combine beat-driven rides with Coach by Color power zones for personalized data, endurance and power training.


Our workouts are designed for scalability, meaning all fitness levels can work at their own pace and progress over time. 

feminine fitness

From our workouts to facility design, Ambition was made just for women.

Our 3,000 square foot studio offers the privacy the traditional weight section lacks, evidence-based workouts that sculpt and tone the female physique, and a clean, modern aesthetic to elevate your gym experience.

Mission statement

Our mission, first and foremost, is to empower women. We believe in inclusive, body-positive fitness. We believe in equipping women with long-term and understandable nutrition skills. We believe in the power of community and investing in women. We believe in all of our ability and responsibility to make an impact for the better.

Katie Daniel, Owner and Founder


"Hands down the best gym I've ever been to. The instructors are amazing, help you have perfect form and are so friendly. Such a welcoming and amazing place for women!"