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Build strength, burn fat, and create curves in all the right places with High-Intensity Resistance Training. Our 50-minute classes are a different workout each month, providing time for you to gain confidence in the moves before starting new challenges every four weeks.


A strong body is the foundation for all types of movement. Our workouts combine circuit training, sets and reps to build your strength over time, making them scalable for all fitness levels.

why weights?

  • Improved functional strength for daily activities 

  • Long-term fat loss and boosted metabolism for up to 72 hours after exercise

  • Increased endurance, power and bone density

  • Reduced risk of injury and improved reaction time

  • Lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol 

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We've added Color Technology to music-driven rides for cardio that's engaging, motivating and individualized to each rider's fitness level.

Our bikes take you through four color zones of varying speeds, power and intensities. Download the ICG app and bluetooth connect to your bike for performance metrics, mileage and calorie burn each workout.

Not a cardio fan? Don't worry. Cycling is strength-based and you'll be on the weight floor for 70% of our signature HIRT classes.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first class so we can help get you set up on your bike.

coach by color cycling

Coach by Color
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