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Work 1-on-1 with a Certified Personal Trainer

Take the complication out of your fitness goals by working with our Personal Trainers. Private sessions offer 1-on-1 attention for: 


  • Personalized workouts that match your goals, timeline and fitness level

  • Conditioning for fat loss, muscle gain or both

  • Targeting specific areas

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Event preparation

  • Motivation and accountability

  • Help getting started with weights and proper form

personal training


free consultation

Meet with a trainer at no charge. In your consultation, a trainer will give you a studio tour, sit down to discuss your goals and timeline, and go through a mini workout to better understand your needs for a custom plan.

inbody composition scans

You're more than a number on the scale.


All Ambition clients receive complimentary InBody scans to track their composition of fat, muscle, hydration levels, daily basal metabolic calories, and muscular segmentation. 

For best results, scans should be performed first thing in the morning and before exercise.

InBody 270 Angled_edited.png
InBody Scans
Train With a Friend


Get 12 training sessions over 6 weeks with a friend or family member at a discounted rate. Sessions must be scheduled together. Contact studio for more details.

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